Children’s Activities – Brethren Disaster Relief Auction

There are a nice variety of activities for the children at this two-day event.

Auction (1)

Auction (2)

Auction (5)   I always enjoy watching children’s auctions because the children do not try to hide the fact that they are bidding.

Auction (7)They just hold their number in the air until they are finished bidding.

Auction (8)

Auction (6)It takes a good auctioneer to conduct an auction for children – one who can slow down a bit so the children understand him.

Auction (3)   I noticed these bright green sneakers several times during the day and was able to capture a shot when I noticed them from the back of the bleachers.

Bugs - Fred Beam (1)Those in the children’s tent seemed to thoroughly enjoy the bug demonstration by retired missionary Fred Beam. He opened his talk by showing a few things that native Africans carved from ebony.

Bugs - Fred Beam (3)This ebony Coca-Cola bottle is amazing.

Bugs - Fred Beam (9) He forewarned the children that really smart children go “Oh-h-h” instead of “Eww-w-w.” when they see his bugs and other critters.

Bugs - Fred Beam (7)There were lots of “Oh-h-h’s” when he opened each bug box. 🙂

Bugs - Fred Beam (4)  He often had funny or interesting stories to go along with each collection of bugs.

Bugs - Fred Beam (13)

Bugs - Fred Beam (12)

Clown (1)The clown was usually quite busy making balloon creations – especially on Saturday.

Clown (2)I missed getting a picture of the barrel train. I hope John (the other photographer) got a shot of that.


Heifer Auction – Brethren Disaster Relief Auction

I went to Lebanon Fairgrounds early yesterday to capture some pictures of the heifer auction which started at 11:00 a.m.

Heifer Auction (1)As I approached the last pole barn, it was obvious that the heifer auction had begun.

Heifer Auction (2)Some people were still getting auction numbers.

Heifer Auction (3)

Heifer Auction (4)Heifers were being prepared for auction.

Heifer Auction (5)   I watched as several heifers (many pregnant with their first calf) were sold.

Heifer Auction (6)

Heifer Auction (7)These young heifers have no idea that the profit from their sale to a new dairy barn will benefit those who have faced disaster (flood, fire, wind, etc.).

Heifer Auction (8)

Heifer Auction (9)

Heifer Auction (10)

Heifer Auction (11)

Heifer Auction (12)    I understand from that the highest sale for one heifer was $3,300.

Look for me in the front row of the main auction today – or walking around with my camera pointed at things or people of interest. I told the other photographer (John) that we must look like snipers with our cameras. 🙂

Brethren Disaster Relief Auction

If you are in the Lebanon, Pennsylvania, area, you won’t want to miss this event (Friday and Saturday) at Lebanon Expo Center where lots of money will be raised for Brethren Disaster Relief.

1   I just got home from taking a few pictures of the late morning and early afternoon happenings.

DSC_7311The quilt auction will be Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m.

DSC_7359Quilts (and other auction items) were still arriving as I walked around taking pictures.

DSC_7500There are baked items, flowers, plants, and a farmer’s market of vegetables in West Hall.

DSC_7597There is a large variety of food, including Amish-made donuts. I know they are delicious because I had a glazed donut for my lunch.

DSC_7632There are beautiful crafts in the Arena.

DSC_7637This marble roller (available in the auction room) is one of my favorite items and provided my favorite moment of the morning.

DSC_7648Someone demonstrated it for me, so when I went through North Hall (auction room) an hour later, I couldn’t resist putting a few marbles in it to demonstrate the “music” it makes when marbles are sent rolling down the wooden “leaves”.

It sounds a bit like a xylophone.

DSC_7656This man was watching my childish delight, and said, “I made that.”

He talked distinctly, with obvious effort – probably from something like MS – so I had to confirm what he said. I asked, “Did you say you made this?” He smiled and replied, “Yes.”

DSC_7658He was pleased to pose with his amazing craft. He is from Bridgewater, Virginia.


DSC_7668I look forward to the auctions this evening at 5:00 p.m. and tomorrow at 8:50 a.m. There are many other auctions and things going on, but my favorite place to be is at the main auction. I rarely buy anything, but I enjoy seeing everything sell.

Expect to see many more pictures in the next few days.

Jere’s Birthday Supper

Monday, September 23 – the evening before Jere’s forty-fourth birthday.

We went to The Loft (Jere’s choice) in downtown Lancaster where our children took us for our anniversary dinner last week.

Jere's Birthday (1)This time our table was positioned along a wall where I had a good view of the attractive raftered ceiling where there is beautiful, healthy-looking greenery.

Jere's Birthday (2)   I love spending individual time with our children and their spouses at a local restaurant. It gives us time to share joys and concerns – away from phones and the responsibilities at home.

One of the good things about being with individual children (or grandchildren) is that they have our full attention and we have theirs.

When everyone is together they seem to take their place in birth order or personality. Some are noisy and talkative while others are quiet listeners.

On a night like this Jere is not our second son and third child, but an adult son who has time to tell us about his life. And Kristen does not have to fit in with all the other women and girls – as a daughter-in-law. She has time to talk about her responsibilities and delights.

I must share a funny thing that happened. On the way to the restaurant Jere told us that it was a very stressful day at work and he joked that the only thing he needed was beer soup – and he doesn’t drink any kind of alcohol! 🙂 When we got our menus, we laughed when we saw that one of the Oktoberfest specials was Cheese & Beer Soup with Cracked Pretzels!

We had the same waiter as the previous week (who recognized us), and when we told him why we were laughing, he brought Jere a sample (a few tablespoons) of the soup. It tasted pretty much like a cheese soup.

Jere's Birthday (3)Since the Duck Dynasty guys have been eating frog legs – and we were in a bit of a adventurous mood – we got an order of frog legs for an appetizer.

Jere's Birthday (4)Jere and Kristen had one frog leg and Cerwin and I had the other. It tasted pretty much like chicken.

Jere's Birthday (5)The bread basket contained marbled bread.

Jere's Birthday (6)Jere’s Mixed Greens & Goat Cheese Fritters

Jere's Birthday (7)Kristen and I usually order some kind of seafood, and both of us were attracted to the Giant Cocktail Shrimp that you ordered by the piece.

Jere's Birthday (8)We both ordered two.

Jere's Birthday (9)This was Kristen’s entrée. I think it was scallop and shrimp linguine.

Jere's Birthday (10)Cerwin and I each ordered Baked French Onion Soup.

Jere's Birthday (11)Cerwin also ordered hamburger sliders.

Jere's Birthday (12)The waiter surprised Jere by putting a candle in his cheese cake.

Jere's Birthday (15)Cerwin had the same dessert (without a candle).

Jere's Birthday (13)My DELICIOUS berry cake.

Jere's Birthday (14)Kristen’s Chocolate Crème Brulee.

It was a delightful evening.