Recent Activities in TFC

We received a phone call on Sunday, August 18 asking if John Dowd could park his camper rig at the TFC office. The rig if self-contained, so that was no problem.8-19 John Dowd (1)His camper was featured in the February 2013 Highway News, Cerwin was anxious to meet John and see the rig on Monday morning.

8-19 John Dowd (3)Glenn Fahnestock and John Dowd

8-19 John Dowd (4)This certainly looks like a trucker’s camper.


Seedplanter Chapel, Elkton, Maryland

8-27 Elkton (4)The SeedPlanter Chapel, which is placed at the Flying J near Elkton, Maryland, has been out of service for the past few months due to construction at the truck stop.

Finally it was time to put it in place and for it to be hooked up to electric and ready again for ministry. Cerwin and Glenn Fahnestock took a new set of steps to the truck stop on Tuesday.

8-27 Elkton (3)Lead Chaplain David Hoy (left) has been ministering in the truck stop and on the lot, but is quite happy to have a chapel again. In this photo he is talking to Betty Boyle.

We understand that drivers began coming in the chapel as soon as it opened. 🙂

8-27 Elkton (1)Wendell Boyle and Glenn. Wendell and Betty live near by and came to see the activities.


Chapel Construction Progress for Hudson, Wisconsin

8-28 (1)Cerwin and his crew began construction on the next chapel – a replacement for the old chapel in Hudson, Wisconsin – within days after our return from delivering the Calgary, Alberta, chapel at the end of July.

8-28 (2)

8-28 (3)

8-28 (5)

8-28 (6)

8-28 (7)

8-28 (8)

8-28 (9)

8-28 (10)The opening to the back of the trailer (where the doors had been) has been enclosed.

8-28 (11)

8-29Cerwin is pleased with the progress during the month of August.

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