Great Egret & Great Breakfast

I was glad that I had my camera along last evening when we went to visit Cerwin’s mother.

1 (1)There was a Great Egret on the edge of the pond at my brothers’ farm. (At least I think it is a Great Egret by photos on Wikipedia).

1 (2)They are beautiful to watch.

1 (3)This morning we had a breakfast appointment – on our patio – with Deb and Dee for Deb’s birthday. (I won’t tell you her age, but this will be her last year in her 30s.) 🙂

Deb baked cinnamon buns, Dee brought granola, I provided fresh fruit, and Cerwin made the coffee.

1 (4)While Deb took a birthday call from her mother-in-law and sister-in-law, Cerwin took control of the camera.

1 (5)Deb’s birthday picture.

2 (2)Opening a gift from Dee.

2 (3)  A raccoon which is part of a series that she is collecting.

3 (1)Dee was hoping that the spider is no longer in this spider web.

3 (2)The morning sun glistened on the leaves and seed pods in the tree tops.

3 (4)

3 (3)

3 (5)The egret was still at the pond this afternoon when I went to the post office.

3 (6)This time it was closer to the road.

3 (8)It is amazing that they stay so white because they spend a lot of time looking for food in swampy, muddy wetlands.

6 thoughts on “Great Egret & Great Breakfast

  1. We see egrets at our pond occasionally. Haven’t seen any this year.
    That was a nice way to spend a morning. Happy Birthday to Deb!

  2. What a beautiful day! A lovely birthday breakfast for Deb (happy birthday to her!), and a gorgeous bird! The last shot looks as if he might have swallowed a fish!

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