Conclusion to Cousins’ Week

Making breakfast on Friday morning.

8-16 (1)What do you think Jared is dropping chocolate chips on to?

8-16 (2)You were right if you guessed pancakes.

8-16 (3)Jesse wanted to make his own.

8-16 (4)

8-16 (5)Supper was pizza from Two Cousins – appropriate for Cousins’ week šŸ™‚Ā – to whichĀ the older cousins were invited. Josiah came after I took the picture. Nate is in NYC on a two-week mission trip, Josh was not available due to a prior commitment, and Jana and her mom areĀ visiting friendsĀ in Finland.

After supper each of the children went home.

DSC_5785The skunks had one more opportunity to feast at the critter mix box, and tonight it included pizza crust.

8-19-13 (1)Jere and Kristen’s boys came back on Sunday so Jere and Josh could visit a friend who is ill andĀ lives nearĀ Penn State. They wereĀ here until this evening.

8-19-13 (2)Last night Ian helped me clean the patio – which needs done every few weeks. It was especially dirty this week after putting out “critter mix” almost every night last week.

The skunks were a bit puzzled by the lack of food last night. (We saw a few walking around the patio like they were searching for something.) They had to go back to digging for grubs. šŸ™‚

8-20-13 (1)Today Gloria and Diana cameĀ to help label and mail the individual Highway News for TFC. Ian also helped as did Lois and Harold Keller.

It seems quiet here tonight. Jere came for the boys late this afternoon. They will soon leave for theĀ Harrisburg Airport to welcomeĀ Kristen and Jana back from Finland.

So life will go back toĀ normal – whatever normal is for us.

6 thoughts on “Conclusion to Cousins’ Week

  1. It must be very quiet without all the cousins visiting — your home has seemed like a revolving door recently. I hope Kristen and Jana had a great time and a safe trip home! Did they fly direct from Finland to Harrisburg?

  2. What a good Grandma and Grandpa you are for your grandchildren — such a special week for them (and I’m sure for you). So many exciting crafts, meals, fun times in the water and love all around!

  3. What a wonderful, memory-filled week you and Cerwin created for your grands! It’s been fun peeking in from afar — giving me some fresh ideas to use with my own little ones. I’m not sure I’d be up to hosting them for a whole week, but might go for a weekend with all of them sometime. šŸ™‚

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