More Activities During Cousins’ Week

Before supper on Tuesday, Ian and Gloria followed directions by adding a few more rocks to their magic rocks..

1 (1)

1 (2)

1 (3)Supper was a doggie roast and the yellow watermelon (that Gloria was preparing in yesterday’s blog).

1 (4)

1 (5)We invited the older cousins for this meal. Josiah is the only one who could come in time for the doggie roast. Jordan and Jenna came later. When Josiah roasted his hot dogs, Jesse wanted to roast another one.

1 (6)When Josiah thought it was easier to stand and hold the doggie fork with his foot, Jesse decided to try that too. 🙂

1 (7)After supper it was time for their evening shower.

1 (8)This time they used the sprinkling beach ball.

1 (9)

M2E41L18-19R350B300We had fun looking at the field camera on Wednesday morning – to see what came to eat the critter mix. The first animal was a neighborhood cat. There is a second cat walking away just over the back of the one that is eating.

There were hundreds of pictures. I will show you just a few.

M2E18L4-4R350B300Next there was a skunk. Notice the second skunk coming from the right.

M2E18L4-4R350B300Two skunks.

M2E18L4-4R350B300Two skunks and a cat.

M2E18L4-4R350B300Three skunks. (the third one is slightly hidden on the left).

M2E18L4-4R350B300   I like the white pattern on these two.

M2E18L4-5R350B300These two are really black.

I wonder how many skunks there were? I can see at least five different ones by their color patterns – and think there may have been more.

M2E36L115-115R398B310The cat came back at daylight – after the skunks went to bed.

2 (1)Jared was glad that his volcano was dry enough to paint.

2 (2)Gloria decorated another gift bag.

2 (3)Jesse is making clay “pizza.”

3Jared is excited to experiment with his volcano.

4 (1)

4 (2)

4 (3)The more baking powder he added to the vinegar, the more it “erupted.”

4 (4)

4 (5)   I took Diana to work at noon.

4 (6)

4 (7)Then I took Gloria to her cousin Abby’s for horse riding lessons. She is riding General, Abby’s Appaloosa.

To be continued.

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