Cousins’ Week Has Begun!

I’m not sure when we began having all the Pennsylvania (and sometimes one or two Maine) grandchildren here for three to five days during the summer. The Maine grandchildren got to join the “party” when they were twelve and spent the summer here.

I know that some of the older ones were fairly young.

Now we are down to only five as the older ones are out of high school and have jobs.

DSC_4958This year the week began on Sunday afternoon when Jere brought their three youngest boys to the house – along with their luggage.

One of them forgot something, so we (the boys and I) went back to their house and walked home – mostly because I felt like walking, and they wanted to look for some stones for the rock tumbler.

DSC_4962   I thought you might like to see some of the things we saw on the one-mile walk.





DSC_4968Looking back at Jere and Kristen’s house. Jere and Josh are in charge of the house right now, because Kristen and Jana are in Finland visiting friends.


DSC_4971Jared is always looking for something to catch – bugs, caterpillars, butterflies.

DSC_4972Heading toward my brothers’ farm.

DSC_4974There was a brand new calf. It was trying to stand when we were there.

DSC_4975Someone was just ahead of us feeding the cows when we walked through the dairy barn.


DSC_4977Some of the cows were ready to be milked.

DSC_4978My youngest brother and his wife own the dairy part of the farm.



DSC_4993I liked the shadows of the corn and boys as we approached our house.

DSC_4994Ian checked out the silk on this ear of corn.

DSC_4997Jared in the corn field

DSC_4999Jesse asked, “Are we soon at your place, Grandma?” It was a hot afternoon. I told him that it was just behind the cornfield.

We will get Diana and Gloria in the morning.

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  1. We used to have a rock tumbler. We used it to tumble Calif. beach rocks. Took it to Africa, but didn’t have electricity often enough to run it. If we had the right kind of rocks here, I’d think about getting another one, but we don’t. Enjoy the cousins!

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