Meeting the Jutzi’s

I was excited to receive a Facebook message from a blog friend (Juanita) on Friday morning saying they were in the Lancaster area to see Noah at Sight and Sound, and were toying with the idea of going to TFC’s International Office.

1 (1)   I messaged her back. “If you decide to do that, call me as I have a half hour drive to the office.”

1 (2)A short time later my phone rang and it was Juanita saying they were going to be at the office between 1:15 and 1:30 in the afternoon.

1 (3)They have a special interest in Transport For Christ as John has worked for Erb Transport for forty years and knows our overseas director, Murray Scott, his wife, Audrey, and their son Kevin (Assistant Overseas Director).

DSC_4781Cerwin did some work at the Harrisburg Chapel on Friday morning and was on the road getting supplies for the Hudson, Wisconsin, chapel, but since he knew when John and Juanita were going to be at the shop and office, he scheduled his day to be there when they arrived.

DSC_4780John had lots of questions about chapel construction, and both were surprised at how rough a trailer looks before it is transformed into a chapel.

DSC_4782Cerwin and several volunteers began installing the base floor on Thursday.

DSC_4784After that we took them inside International Chapel #2 – a promotional chapel. I should have had my big flash on the camera because it was fairly dark inside as it is not hooked up to electricity or a generator.


DSC_4788Our last tour was inside the office. Inge was interested to know of their history with TFC.

I was delighted to meet Juanita and John after knowing her for many years through our blogs.

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  1. It was a joy meeting you and Cerwin as well. Thanks for the tour of the shop, chapel, and offices. We enjoyed meeting the staff that was still there working. 🙂 (The wind was blowing and my hair was unruly to begin with…YUK!!!)

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