Mules Fascinate Me

I look for them each time we go by the Amish farms on the way to visit Cerwin’s mother.

1 (1)There are at least four Amish farms in the last few miles before we get to her place.

1 (2)

2Cerwin got this ones attention when he stopped the car, rolled the window down, and talked to him a bit.


3 (2)

DSC_4679His ears were on full alert as Cerwin talked.

5Then as we moved away, he dropped one ear a bit.

They are certainly fascinating creatures.

2 thoughts on “Mules Fascinate Me

  1. In Colombia there were a group of mounted police awaiting the arrival of a VIP at a nature park. One of the mounts was a very handsome mule, bigger than most of the horses. Louis L’Amour features a racing mule in one of his novels (Lando) but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of one racing. These that you’ve photographed look very healthy, strong, and intelligent.

    • I understand that mules can be very large if bred with large horses or much smaller when bred with small horses. There are also black mules on this route, but they are much farther from the road. Sometime I must get some photos of them. These look like they are bred with work horses.

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