Supper With Josiah and Sandy

On Saturday evening we took Josiah and Sandy to Longhorn Steakhouse for his birthday.

DSC_4635Before we left our house, I took a picture of just him – for my family photo file.

DSC_4641Sandy and Josiah outside Longhorn Restaurant.

DSC_4645Inside the restaurant.

DSC_4652A man at the next table asked if he could take a photo of the four of us.

DSC_4643   I remembered to take a picture of the loaf of bread, then because we were having an interesting conversation, I forgot to take a photo of our meals. The guys got steaks. Sandy got a salad, I had a small shrimp and rice pilaf entrée, and Sandy and I shared a baked sweet potato.

DSC_4649The guys got desserts – this was Josiah’s sampler. He told us we could taste anything we wanted. I took a forkful of the chocolate mousse. Oh, my, that was amazing.

DSC_4651Cerwin got apple crisp.

It was a truly delightful evening.

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