Lunch With Roy & Deb

We had reservations at Lily’s for supper on Friday – with Roy and Deb – for his birthday which was July 7 – but when they came to Joanne’s funeral (10:30 a.m.), we changed the reservations to lunch.

DSC_4584It didn’t seem wise for them to go home (one hour) and come back (another hour) for supper, and lunch worked for both of us.

DSC_4585We enjoyed delicious tea while waiting for lunch, and talked a bit about the funeral.

DSC_4588One good thing about funerals is seeing people you haven’t seen for a long time.

DSC_4590  I talked to a person I hadn’t seen for years (he lives in the western USA) and was interested to hear about his life.

DSC_4593We eventually moved on to talk about what is going on in our lives.



DSC_4599Roy’s lunch

DSC_4602Deb’s meal

DSC_4604Cerwin’s sandwich

DSC_4605My meal

DSC_4609   I always enjoy the view of the roof tops from this second floor restaurant.

DSC_4610The dessert choices.

DSC_4612This is almost always my choice for dessert at Lily’s.

DSC_4614Deb and Cerwin chose the citrus cake.

DSC_4617Roy’s banana dessert.

DSC_4621There was a surprise for Jere and Kristen’s boys when we got to the restaurant parking garage. They did not know why they were there, and had not expected to go to Roy and Deb’s house until this evening. 🙂

DSC_4624Jesse, Jared, and Ian with their luggage. Ian is laughing because his is so heavy.

DSC_4625Jared offered to carry both – his and Ian’s.

DSC_4628And they were off for a special week with Roy and Deb while Kristen and Jana are in Finland.

4 thoughts on “Lunch With Roy & Deb

  1. The view of the rooftops is wonderful, but made even better by the lattice work decor in the windows themselves! And the restaurant looks wonderful too — but way too much food for me! What a nice treat for the boys while Mom and Jana are away ~ ~ ~

  2. The boys will have a great time, I’m sure. Our daughter’s moving day went well. I ended up staying home and helping by babysitting.

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