Sunrise ~ Moth ~ Travelers

I have a bit of a mix for my post tonight.

1The other morning Jere posted a picture of a beautiful sunrise.

I was surprised because we do not see the sunrises this time of year – due to the way our house sits and because of the dense foliage and tall corn.

1aIt was even difficult to see the eastern sky when I went outside.


1c (2)   I think my presence startled some crows in the trees.

That certainly broke the silence!

1dWhen I came back to the house, I noticed a pretty moth that was close to our dusk to dawn light.

2This morning we went to Jere and Kristen’s house to say goodbye to Jana and Kristen before they left on their adventure to Finland.

3 (1)They are going to visit Kristen’s friend Marjaana who was an exchange student when the girls were in their teens. She lived with Kristen and her parents during one school year – something like twenty-six years ago.

3 (2)We received texts throughout the day and know they are somewhere over the ocean this evening.

3 thoughts on “Sunrise ~ Moth ~ Travelers

  1. Oh, how wonderful for Kristen and Jana to be going to Finland!!! I do hope they have a great visit — and I hope you (or Kristen) will post photos when they return.

    That’s a beautiful sunrise — the crows do seem tomove in flocks, don’t they! And that’s a great capture of the moth, too! I think I first ‘met’ you when you were doing a series on emerging monarch butterflies ~ ~

  2. Oh, dear — I’m not on FB, so won’t see pictures there. I do hope they (or you) will share a few here. Yes, I’ve often wondered if you would do another butterfly series, but I suspect it was part of a grandkid’s school project.

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