Thomas Point Beach – Day 1

It is so relaxing to be here…

1 (1)…relaxing in the sun and listening to bluegrass and mountain music.

1 (2)After a few hours of sitting, reading, and listening to delightful music, I took my camera for a walk around the grounds.

1 (3)The osprey (or whatever kind of bird it was) noisily left the nest as I walked under it.

I was taking it the scenery around me, including people and campers and was not prepared with my camera.

1 (4)The tide was out, so people were clamming on the mud flats.

1 (5)

1 (6)There were also egrets and sea gulls taking advantage of the food in the mud.

2   I love the variety of scents in a campground – especially when there are pine trees.

3 (1)

3 (2)This walk through the grounds brought me to the back of the stage where there were preparations for the next show.

3 (3)  A lunch must for me at this festival is a lobster roll. Oh, yum!

3 (4)Cerwin does not like lobster, but looks forward to a sausage sandwich with all the fixings.

3 (5)At first I thought this kite was a strange bird.

5It is nice to have time to sit and look up to the sky.

3 (6)It was a warm, sunny day, so hats were part of the dress code for many.

3 (7)The Quebe (Kway-bee) sisters were one of our favorite groups. They are from Texas and sing a variety of western swing, vintage country, and bluegrass, along with very good fiddling.

4I love to read a good book with bluegrass in the background – sometimes reading, sometimes listening.

6 (1)

6 (2)

6 (3)

6 (4)

6 (5)This kind of relaxing is good for my body and soul.

Traveling to Maine

Yesterday. We had a delightful, restful drive to our family in Maine.

1 (1)It was still dark at 5:15 a.m. when we left the house. We were near Allentown, Pennsylvania, on I-78 when we began seeing signs of daylight.

1 (2)There was no sunrise to be seen on this cloudy, foggy morning.

1 (3)

1 (4)

1 (5)

1 (6)It was still cloudy and overcast in New Jersey.

1 (7)There was cloud cover when we crossed the Hudson River.

Actually, it is comfortable to drive on a cloudy day as there is no bright sun to deal with.

1 (8)In Connecticut. This oversize load was a bit irritating to drivers – including Cerwin – because the flag cars kept traffic from passing it for 15 to 20 minutes. We were permitted to pass when the road widened into three lanes.

1 (9)We stopped at the chapel in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, so Cerwin could clean the air conditioners. Chaplain George Freeman did not think they were working as well as they should.

1 (10)Volunteer Chaplain Warren called to say that he may not be able to get there by noon (when we arrived) because he had to take his wife to the hospital for treatment for cancer.

1 (11)Cerwin and I took time to eat a sub that we brought along from home (which we purchased from a neighbor boy – a fundraiser for school). Warren arrived just as we were ready to leave, so it was good to see him for a bit.

2We arrived at Mark and Diane’s house about 4:00 p.m. It is always wonderful to see them.

Mark left for work before everyone went to bed. He is driving semi delivering bread (and other bakery products) – from the bakery to a distribution warehouse. It is a new job for him and he was hoping to have daytime driving this week, but he now thinks it will that will happen next week.

3Elizabeth was in charge of supper – lasagna.

It doesn’t seem long ago that this house was full of children when we arrived. Now everyone is grown up. 🙂 Elizabeth and Hannah are the only two here this weekend: Josiah and Abby live in our area of Pennsylvania, Hezekiah is in college in Presque Isle, Maine, and Lydia and two friends flew to California today to visit her friends’ mother who is there for a short time studying midwifery.

I will probably post in the mornings this holiday weekend as we are here to attend Thomas Point Bluegrass Festival which is just two miles away from Mark and Diane’s house.

We took our lawn chairs there shortly after arriving and look forward to a relaxing weekend with family and bluegrass music.

Reuben, Judi, and K Are Visiting

What fun to have them in our house.

DSC_6078You may remember that we recently visited them in Wisconsin and stayed at their house – now it is time for us to return the favor. They are in Pennsylvania for a wedding and to visit family.

K is so curious and doesn’t miss a thing, so this serious look is what you get at first when she is in her observant mode. (I am calling her K, because she is in the process of being adopted.)

DSC_6080However, this is the smile we are getting now that she is quite familiar with us.

DSC_6068Yesterday we took them to Lancaster DHIA, where our son Jere is CEO/Manager, to give them a tour of a milk testing lab.

DSC_6069When K realized that I was taking pictures I got a big smile.

DSC_6070Our granddaughter Abby (right) was working. She used to work here before she and her sister-in-law opened DAZY’s Bakery. Now she may fill in for someone who is sick or on vacation – if it is in the early part of the week.

DSC_6073There are lots of cow and calf photos throughout the lab, but this is my favorite.

DSC_6077This luna moth (outside a lab window screen) captured my attention.

We stopped at a few more places: Jeff and Chris’ house, the TFC office, and a restaurant for lunch, then when we got home, we gave them a thorough tour of our house, because they are going to be the caretakers for the next six days while we are in Maine.

It worked out nice that we got to spend one day together. Now we have someone living in the house while we are gone and they have a place to themselves. 🙂


Recent Activities in TFC

We received a phone call on Sunday, August 18 asking if John Dowd could park his camper rig at the TFC office. The rig if self-contained, so that was no problem.8-19 John Dowd (1)His camper was featured in the February 2013 Highway News, Cerwin was anxious to meet John and see the rig on Monday morning.

8-19 John Dowd (3)Glenn Fahnestock and John Dowd

8-19 John Dowd (4)This certainly looks like a trucker’s camper.


Seedplanter Chapel, Elkton, Maryland

8-27 Elkton (4)The SeedPlanter Chapel, which is placed at the Flying J near Elkton, Maryland, has been out of service for the past few months due to construction at the truck stop.

Finally it was time to put it in place and for it to be hooked up to electric and ready again for ministry. Cerwin and Glenn Fahnestock took a new set of steps to the truck stop on Tuesday.

8-27 Elkton (3)Lead Chaplain David Hoy (left) has been ministering in the truck stop and on the lot, but is quite happy to have a chapel again. In this photo he is talking to Betty Boyle.

We understand that drivers began coming in the chapel as soon as it opened. 🙂

8-27 Elkton (1)Wendell Boyle and Glenn. Wendell and Betty live near by and came to see the activities.


Chapel Construction Progress for Hudson, Wisconsin

8-28 (1)Cerwin and his crew began construction on the next chapel – a replacement for the old chapel in Hudson, Wisconsin – within days after our return from delivering the Calgary, Alberta, chapel at the end of July.

8-28 (2)

8-28 (3)

8-28 (5)

8-28 (6)

8-28 (7)

8-28 (8)

8-28 (9)

8-28 (10)The opening to the back of the trailer (where the doors had been) has been enclosed.

8-28 (11)

8-29Cerwin is pleased with the progress during the month of August.

Great Egret & Great Breakfast

I was glad that I had my camera along last evening when we went to visit Cerwin’s mother.

1 (1)There was a Great Egret on the edge of the pond at my brothers’ farm. (At least I think it is a Great Egret by photos on Wikipedia).

1 (2)They are beautiful to watch.

1 (3)This morning we had a breakfast appointment – on our patio – with Deb and Dee for Deb’s birthday. (I won’t tell you her age, but this will be her last year in her 30s.) 🙂

Deb baked cinnamon buns, Dee brought granola, I provided fresh fruit, and Cerwin made the coffee.

1 (4)While Deb took a birthday call from her mother-in-law and sister-in-law, Cerwin took control of the camera.

1 (5)Deb’s birthday picture.

2 (2)Opening a gift from Dee.

2 (3)  A raccoon which is part of a series that she is collecting.

3 (1)Dee was hoping that the spider is no longer in this spider web.

3 (2)The morning sun glistened on the leaves and seed pods in the tree tops.

3 (4)

3 (3)

3 (5)The egret was still at the pond this afternoon when I went to the post office.

3 (6)This time it was closer to the road.

3 (8)It is amazing that they stay so white because they spend a lot of time looking for food in swampy, muddy wetlands.