Sunday, July 28

I planned to take several photos at the Hershey Reunion on Sunday, but forgot about it until most of the people had gone home.

DSC_4486  It was supposed to be held in the pavilion in our wood lot, but due to the uncertain weather at noon, we set up tables in our garage, kitchen, and patio.

We had enough seats for 57. They were all full, plus a few people sat outside in lawn chairs.

The predicted thunderstorms did not hit our area. We did have a bit of drizzle at lunchtime.

DSC_4484Two of our sister-in-laws, Dot and Brenda, visited at the kitchen table, while two children listened.

DSC_4485Our niece Laura and Nate and Abby (our granddaughter) visited at the other end of the kitchen.

I enjoy family reunions.

DSC_4490   I have been trying to capture a male goldfinch at this feeder – with an artificial cardinal – and finally did it. I like the contrast in colors.

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