My Heart is Breaking

We received a sad phone call from our friend Gerald, telling us that Joanne went home to be with the Lord this evening.DSC_9292Photo taken on June 2, 2013 when she and Gerald were at our house for supper.

She fought a valiant fight against cancer.

My heart is not breaking for her, because I know she is rejoicing with the Lord.

My heart is breaking for Gerald, their sons Darvin and Kerry, their daughter-in-law, Kellie, and their grandchildren Kelby and Harrison. My heart is breaking for her mother, sister, brother, and extended family. My heart is breaking for Gerald’s siblings and extended family. My heart is breaking for us and each of her friends.

Gerald’s parents and my parents were good friends, so I have not known life without him in it. I met Joanne in seventh grade when our local grade schools came together at Manheim Central High School.

Joanne’s and my friendship began when we double-dated. It developed into an even stronger relationship after we both married in the fall of 1963. We have laughed and cried together, visited in each others homes, traveled, camped, and attended our children’s weddings.

Our birthdays are the same month – mine February 8, hers February 10.

She was an excellent cook and skilled gardener.

I was blessed to have her as a friend and know I will see her again – in Heaven – but earth is going to be a bit emptier without her.

20 thoughts on “My Heart is Breaking

  1. I’m sorry, Doris. How great, though, that you have had Joanne as your friend for so long, and have been able to enjoy so many things with her and Gerald. My thoughts are with you this evening.

  2. I am so sorry, Doris. It is so hard to lose a friend, even knowing that she is with the Lord. I know you will miss her! May God give great comfort to you and Cerwin as well as to her family.

  3. Beautifully said.
    It brings back memories of Rachel’s death three years ago – I grew up alongside her (almost;) she was my maid of honor. Memories are precious. But right now they hurt.

  4. I’m so sorry for the sorrow and loss that you’re feeling, Doris, but I’m also thankful that you have the comfort of knowing that Joanne is, as you say, rejoicing now. Prayers for her family and for you, as you go through this difficult time.

  5. This is beautifully written Mom. Joanne will be very missed. She was such a special part of my childhood, she made little things seem big, and always knew how to make me smile. I loved spending time with her, Gerald and the boys over the years, and especially at Spruce Lake each summer. I hurt for her family, her friends and I can’t help but cry thinking about her smiling face not being next to Gerald’s the next time I see him. She will be missed. She was such a blessing in my life, and I loved that you guys always had so much fun each time you were together. I’m so sorry Mom.

  6. It’s always hard to say goodbye to those we love…but when we know where they are, it makes the parting bittersweet. I had to unexpectedly say goodbye to a special friend this past week as well. I had only known Clarene about 10 years and most of our communication was via email as that was how we “met” – but I was blessed to be able to visit her in person two or three times over the years. My sympathies to you, your family, and Joanne’s family as you walk through the coming days of mourning and rejoicing.

  7. Dear Doris, I am so sorry for your loss and I pray that our Lord brings comfort to your heart and to the hearts of each of Joanne’s friends and family members. Weeping endures for a night (or longer) and you have many here weeping with you and caring for you and praying.

  8. As Debi said, her name brings fond memories. She made the best homemade root beer!
    the girls thought we should do something exciting so we don’t cry or just get it out.
    I said, ” I could talk and make you cry”
    Hug from Me to you!

  9. I’m so sorry. You have lost a dear friend and she will be missed. I hope and pray that God continues to comfort you deep down at this time. She was blessed to have you as friend.

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