Traveling from Rochelle to Michigan Welcome Center

Thursday, July 18

1 (1)The Rochelle, Illinois, area has acres of wind mills.

1 (2)Routes 39 and 80 are popular trucking routes.

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1 (5)By this point the busy traffic was making me miss Route 2 in Montana and North Dakota.

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1 (7)TFC has received a request to bring a chapel to this area in Gary, Indiana. The leadership team is working on the details.

1 (8)It is certainly a busy trucking area.

1 (9)

1 (10)By the time we got to Michigan, Cerwin was ready for a short break from driving.

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1 (12)While he washed the truck windows and updated his log book, I checked out the flowers at the welcome center.

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1 (23)Then we were ready to get back on the road for our appointment at Grassmid Transport in Zeeland to pick up a donated trailer which Cerwin and his helpers will eventually transform into a chapel.

More on that tomorrow night.

6 thoughts on “Traveling from Rochelle to Michigan Welcome Center

  1. So many trucks!!! No wonder Cerwin was ready for a break! The flowers are wonderful — good shots of them. I’m hoping that wind farms will help replace the power supply lost by the decommissioning of the San Onofre nuclear plant near here — and perhaps some solar generation too.

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