Visiting in Wisconsin – Part 2

Tuesday, July 16
2 (1)
There is a small walking bridge on the other side of the rock.
2 (2)
2 (3)
I got this picture of K and Reuben without Reuben knowing I was taking it.
2 (4)
Now they know I’m here.
2 (5)
2 (6)
2 (7)
Another family picture.
2 (12)
This huge rock just seems to “be there” in the middle of fields and homes.
2 (8)
2 (11)
2 (9)
When taking this picture, Judi noticed a bird nest between the rocks.
2 (10)
I wonder what kind of bird makes this its home. I expect it is something fairly large.
2 (13)
After visiting the rock, we went to see Reuben’s parent’s home. We were disappointed to not see them (they were at a missions’ board meeting in another state) but it was fun seeing where they live.
They have a beautiful view from their Swiss-style chalet.
2 (17)
This is their view to the right.
2 (19)
And this is to their left.
2 (15)
There was a deer grazing in the meadow right in the center front view.
2 (16)
Our presence frightened it away.
2 (18)
If I focused closer to the house – center front – there was a well-cared-for garden.
2 (14)
  I liked this pretty flower that was next to their entrance steps.
2 (20)
After that we visited another rock that was shaped like a ship.
What a delightful evening.

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