Sunday Morning Photo Shoot in Minnesota

Sunday morning, July 14

Japheth called to ask if I would do a photo shoot of their family before church.
Of course I said I would, even though I prefer doing candid camera work, I figured neither of us had anything to lose. 🙂

1 (1)I will not publish any of the posed shots – Japheth and Aimee can release those in their own timing. I will just give you a few photos as they prepared for the camera.

1 (2)

1 (3)

1 (4)

1 (5)

1 (6)

1 (7)Because they wanted all black and white, I understand that Aimee wore her wedding dress – and after eight children. You go, Aimee!

1 (8)

2 (1)Walking to another location.

2 (2)That was fun – even though we had to deal with lots of Minnesota mosquitos and bugs.

3 (1)

3 (2)When cropping these pictures, I noticed a honey bee in the bottom flower. Maybe it is one of Bob and Doris’ – because we are in a neighboring field.

3 (4)I can never resist an opportunity to take a picture of a fence or gate.

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