Sturgeon Fishing in Rainy River, Minnesota

Saturday, July 13

Photos by Cerwin – using his Nikon Coolpix

DSCN1473Preparing to put the boat in Rainy River.


DSCN1475They have 120 worms for bait.



DSCN1478Cerwin caught a 30″ sturgeon – not large enough to keep.

DSCN1482Bob’s sturgeon was 34″ long – also not long enough to keep.

A sturgeon must be between 45 and 50 inches or longer than 75 inches to be legal to harvest.

They saw quite a few large fish “leaping” out of the water, but were unable to lure any of them to their hooks.


DSCN1488Each one also caught a suckerfish and threw it back into the water.

The guys thought these were the fish that were eating the worms from their hooks.

DSCN1483Looking across the river to the Canadian side. There is an “invisible” line in the middle of the river that divides the USA and Canada.

DSCN1486It is difficult to see where the shore line and reflection separate.

DSCN1487Though they did not catch any big ones, I was glad that they had an enjoyable day together.

Cerwin needs a break from chapel construction and delivery, and other TFC ministry work now and then, and Bob is a pastor, so also needs days of refreshing as well.

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  1. What great photos and looks like loads of fun. So, how long does a Sturgeon have to be for you to be able to keep it? Glad the men got out for a little R & R.

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