Family Night – Bob & Doris’ MN Grandchildren

Friday evening, July 12

While Bob and Cerwin were getting things together to go Sturgeon fishing on Saturday, Doris and I prepared for their Friday evening family night – which was planned for our benefit – so we could see their son’s families, and they could visit with us.

They also have two daughters – Juanita in Indiana and Judi in Wisconsin.

0 (1)Chicken and waffle supper.

0 (2)It looks like Jaden prefers his waffles with syrup and butter.

0 (3)Lily

0 (4)We got all twelve in the sleeper of the truck – and decided that this won’t work in ten years – or probably even in five years.

0 (5)Let’s see if I can get the names right: Loraine, Jaden, Alisha, Japheth Jr., and Jeremiah

0 (6)This list of names is even more challenging: David, Lynne, Violet, Wayne, Lily, Dietrich, and Andre. (Andre reminds me a bit of our grandson Jared.)

0 (7)Each one pulled the air horn before leaving the cab.

0 (8)Japheth and Aimee’s Children are: Japheth Jr., Jeremiah, Loraine, Wayne, Jaden, Lynne, Violet, and Lily. Jon and Jen’s Children are: Alisha, Andre, Dietrich, and David

0 (9)

0 (10)They wanted to do silly faces.

0 (11)

0 (12)While the others were preparing to play, Dietrich was trying to grab leaves from the tree.

0 (13)It looks like Jeremiah is organizing something.

0 (14)Loraine asked Grandma Doris if she could gather fading rose petals for potpourri.

0 (16)Soon several others wanted to help.

0 (17)

0 (18)

0 (19)

0 (20)

0 (21)

0 (22)

0 (23)

0 (24)

0 (26)

0 (15)The boys had fun with the swing.

0 (25)Wayne and Andre tried to avoid a giggling Dietrich each time he came forward.

0 (30)Books were popular after they came inside.

0 (31)Lily on her mother’s lap.

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  1. That’s a lot of kids and they look like they’re having much fun. My family is small and I never remember it being that fun, especially since my first cousin and I were so much younger than everyone else. I think I need to come to your house for family fun. 🙂

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