Calgary Stampede – Part 6

Afternoon Break & Chuckwagon Races1 (1)After the rodeo we walked around the grounds and enjoyed some of the sights and sounds.

1 (2)Dennis asked me to take this picture to prove to some one that he was a cowboy – I think TFC President, Scott Weidner. 🙂

1 (3)A pretty wagon

1 (4)This looks like an old chuckwagon.

1 (7)We enjoyed another working horse demonstration.

1 (5)

1 (8)They are certainly beautiful creatures.

1 (6)That takes a large horse shoe.

1 (9)

1 (12)Helen, Dan, Dennis, and Cerwin (Jeff and Kellie Batzer came later)

After supper, we went back to our seats for the evening performance – Chuck Wagon Races and Grandstand Show.

We were early, so while the other four settled into their designated seats, I walked around to see what I could see from the mostly empty seating area.

1 (10)Looking down on the indian village.

1 (11)From what I can tell online, this seems to be a high-end way of eating and seeing the shows. You need special tickets to eat here and get good seats.

1 (13)On the other end of the stadium I looked down on this building.

1 (14)These ladies and their horses did a performance to music before the evening chuckwagon races.

1 (15)A drive-by chuckwagon, announced the beginning of the races.

1 (16)Canada’s national anthem sung superbly by this young girl…

1 (17)…as a helicopter carrying the flag flew overhead.

1 (18)And it was time for the races.

If I remember correctly, there were nine sets of four.

1 (19)I understand that the outriders are also important to the score of each rig.

1 (20)Going around the back field.

1 (21)

1 (22)

1 (23)It was the first time that Cerwin and I saw chuckwagon races. It didn’t take us long to get caught up in the excitement.

1 (27)Tractors leveled the field after two races.

1 (24)During that time there was usually some kind of entertainment. This was a cute race for young children.

1 (25)

1 (26)When the outrider didn’t get on this horse correctly and fell off – the horse ran the entire track without him. Some other outriders had to stop him.

1 (28)The last race of the evening.

My last post from the Stampede will be of the Grandstand Show.

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