Calgary Stampede – Part 4

Monday Afternoon, July 8

DSC_2829The initials CS were everywhere around the grounds. The C was in the form of a horseshoe.

DSC_2790   I like this reflection in the muddy water as the sun came out during the afternoon.

DSC_2795Bareback riding

There was novice bareback and bareback. I am not sure which is which in these pictures.






DSC_2820A cowboy threw the clown’s hat in the mud. After this he (the cowboy) picked it up, put it on the other side in the mud, and then put it on the clown’s head.


DSC_2836Preparing some horses in a back field – for a future show.

DSC_2840Tractors leveled the field on a regular basis.

DSC_2839I think this is done whether it is dry or muddy – to make a level playing field.

DSC_2851This man appeared to be checking for uneven areas.

DSC_2845There was usually some kind of entertainment when the tractors were busy on the rodeo field.


DSC_2857More bareback riding.




DSC_2884This one appears to have a saddle. Re-rides were fit in now and then from a previous section.

DSC_2891Ladies Barrel Racing



DSC_2902Just starting.

Notice the timer in the upper left.




DSC_2941Another re-ride – and a face plant this time. 🙁

DSC_2942There is bull riding and wild pony racing to come.

6 thoughts on “Calgary Stampede – Part 4

  1. You have some awesome shots here, Doris, both of the horses and the riders. All of this activity in the mud must have been pretty daunting for the poor riders!

  2. Doris, you take such great action shots. I am loving following your blog and pictures!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Love your photos. My camera is too slow to get shots like this. And all that mud! How on earth did anyone, man or beast, keep their footing in such stuff? We went to the Ontario Plowing Match one year when there hadn’t been nearly as much rain as they’ve had in Calgary this year, but everything everywhere was a sea of mud and it was really difficult to walk. People would slip and slide and fall in it – it was nasty. These pictures remind me of that, but everyone seems to be keeping their footing in it. Juanita J.

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