Sunday Worship With Dan and Helen

Preparing for the chapel dedication service.

DSC_2449After breakfast Helen and I prepared fruit for the afternoon dedication service.



eWhen we had the food prepared, I went outside to take a few pictures to give you an idea of their surroundings.

f (1)

f (2)


h (1)The Canadian Rockies from their back yard.

h (2)Because it is difficult to get drivers to come out to a morning worship service, Dan has the Sunday chapel service at 5:00 p.m. There are more drivers in the lot at that time – waiting to deliver their loads on Monday morning.

This frees them to go to their own church each Sunday morning.

h (3)It was communion Sunday.

h (4)

h (5)It is obvious that the Stampede is in town and that this church is active in sharing the gospel around town and at the stadium.

h (6)

DSC_2483aA lady in the church took this cell phone picture of the TFC staff being introduced: Dennis Finnamore (partially hidden) Janet & Sam McIntosh, me, Cerwin, and Helen & Dan Harms.

iEven the overhead songs had a Stampede background theme.

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