Saturday in Calgary

My day started with a prayer breakfast.

While Cerwin and Dennis went to the chapel to finish the set up, I went with Helen to their monthly prayer breakfast. Dan had gone earlier to do some preparations.


DSC_2431After breakfast Chaplain Dan shared a devotional and an update on the chapel’s arrival.

DSC_2430You will notice a lot of people outside the windows – we were in a mall – where a Calgary Stampede breakfast was going on. Unbeknownst to us, we scheduled the chapel delivery during Stampede week.

We discovered it a short time after setting the date, so you will get to see some pictures later in the week, because we have tickets for Monday afternoon and evening – along with several other TFC staff.

DSC_2434Chaplain Sam McIntosh gave an interesting update on what is happening at their chapel in Edmonton. Because of ownership changes and town ordinances, they were asked to remove the chapel; then they could stay but had to pay some unusual permits; then they had to leave; and then they could stay but pay electric and rent – which is pretty much where they are today with that chapel.

DSC_2436He and Janet requested prayer for that.

After breakfast some of the men went to help Cerwin and Dennis install electric, lights, another awning, and a variety of other things that are required in setting up a chapel.

DSC_2441I spend the afternoon at Dan and Helen’s house with these two delightful ladies, Janet and Helen.

We visited over tea and prepared pot roast for supper – after Dan called to say he had six men coming for supper.

DSC_2444Cerwin, Dennis, Dan, Helen, and Janet

Cerwin is happy that set-up went well and the chapel is ready for the dedication service on Sunday afternoon.

DSC_2447Sam, Don, and Darryl

It was a delightful, restful day for me.

After everyone had gone home, we had a great visit with Dan and Helen – learning how God called them to serve with TFC and the painful details of the death of their oldest son (a preacher) who died just a few weeks after being diagnosed with cancer. Their youngest daughter had previously drowned when she was with a group of Bible school young people. They were photographing a river in the Canadian Rockies when a rock gave way and she fell into the rushing waters.

Dan told how he and their youngest son were trucking together when they got the news of her drowning. They were in the Vancouver area and neither felt that they could make the drive home. Then they stopped at the chapel at Chilliwack for prayer, where both men broke down crying when they stepped inside. Chaplain Mike Foisy ministered to them, through Christ gave them strength to go on, and set up an all-night prayer vigil for the family – especially these two men.

Oh, how pleased I am to be serving with this amazing ministry.

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