Day 5 – Our Trip to Calgary

Shelby, Montana, to Calgary, Alberta

DSC_2317Heading for Alberta – and leaving our motel behind.

DSC_2324It was a gray, overcast morning, with a hint of sunshine to come.

DSC_2327With an ever-changing landscape, we always wonder what we will see over the next hill.

DSC_2328Sweetgrass – the last town before Canada.


DSC_2332We arrived here about 7:04 a.m.

It always takes time for the agents to look over paperwork when we take a chapel into Canada, but it was discovered that a business number had expired (not something that is easily noticed beforehand when you don’t do this very often). That took an extra twenty minutes, so we were at the crossing about an-hour-and-a half.

Then we got pulled over at the scales, and for some reason the agent thought we needed a load permit – even though we didn’t have a load – and the person who gave us the truck and trailer permit tried to convince him otherwise. Consequently we were there another hour-and-a-half to get a load permit.

DSC_2335Finally we were on our way at 10:14 – three hours and ten minutes later.

When I think of border crossings into some countries, this wasn’t so bad. We had no fear of serious problems – it was just the wait. It was a good time to read my book.

DSC_2338We saw many Canola fields.

DSC_2342The early miles looked pretty much like Montana.

DSC_2343When we came to the first town, a Tim Hortons confirmed to us that we were indeed in Canada!

DSC_2345Some scenery on the way to Calgary.




DSC_2357The Canadian Rockies


DSC_2363About three-and-a-half-hours after crossing the border we saw our first sign of the truck stop.

DSC_2365It was right off the exit.

DSC_2369There’s Chaplain Dan waiting for us.

We had stayed in touch by phone, so he knew when we were arriving.

DSC_2373Giving Cerwin directions where to park.

DSC_2376While the men were talking I noticed these crutches propped against a truck whose motto is “No Problems – Just Service.”

DSC_2381Cerwin parked along the entrance area before going to the truck wash.

The entire rig was dirty from the long trip – something over 2,300 miles.

DSC_2382This sign had been in the chapel’s parking spot while they waited for the chapel.

There had been an old chapel here until a few months ago when it was sold to someone who is using it for a logging cabin.

DSC_2384Pulling ahead toward the truck wash.

DSC_2387Dennis Finnamore (Director of Canadian Ministries – from New Brunswick) and Don (a driver from Indiana) move barriers in preparation to put the chapel into its permanent spot.

DSC_2389Here it comes, all nice and clean.

DSC_2391Backing into place.

DSC_2394Opening the door to remove the steps.

DSC_2396The steps are heavy and awkward to move, so they found another trucker (Gabby, in the black vest) to help unload the large pieces.

DSC_2401The driver from Indiana is in the doorway, then Chaplain Dan, Cerwin, Chaplain Sam MacIntosh (from Edmonton), Gabby, and Dennis.

DSC_2403Volunteer Chaplain Darryl helped Cerwin install the awning while the others watched and made sure the ladders were steady.

DSC_2407Preparing to install the steps.

DSC_2408Another trucker (Stan) came to help.



DSC_2413Dan encouraged Stan to come inside. He had never been inside a chapel. He was only comfortable visiting Dan in the truck stop or on the lot.

DSC_2417Stan wanted me to take their picture to prove that he was going inside a chapel.

DSC_2420Janet Mcintosh, the driver, Helen Harms, and Chaplain Darryl were anxious to see inside the chapel.

DSC_2422Helen, Stan, and Dan visiting after we were finished for the day.

DSC_2423Helen, Stan, Darryl, and Dan

DSC_2425We had a delicious supper of chicken, hamburgers, potatoes, corn, and vegetables at Dan and Helen’s house. Dennis, Sam, and Janet were also here for the meal.

We are staying with Dan and Helen for the next few days, where we have their entire basement (bedroom, bathroom, and living room) so we are quite comfortable.

8 thoughts on “Day 5 – Our Trip to Calgary

  1. I continue to admire and appreciate the ministry you and Cerwin are so dedicated to — and it is easy to appreciate, when we are able to see exactly what you do and why. Seeing the driver go into a chapel for the first time — that’s what it’s all about! Someone had a brilliant idea of turning trailers into chapels — a place where real truck drivers could feel comfortable. Bless you all for what you’re doing! We encounter lots of truck drivers in our life (ranching), and they are good people….salt of the earth. And they provide such a tremendous service. What they do is not easy, either. How wonderful that there is a ministry directly aimed to serve them and their spiritual needs. Tell Cerwin, too — you all are doing a GOOD thing.

  2. What a beautiful journey you are having! It’s interesting to see the fields of canola — and an oil pump in the middle of a field! And I love the road shots just after the green directional signs. Stay safe, and have a great time in Canada!

  3. Doris, don’t know why this is not letting me sign my name ~ above comment from me ~ Peggy (Fwren) What am I doing wrong?

    • I don’t know the answer. Others seem to be able to sign their name. Are you filling in the other information? I think our daughter said she had to only fill in the information one time, then after that the website recognized her.

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