Day 3 – Our Trip to Calgary

This has been a delightful day.

We are now in Mountain Time.

DSC_2028My truck feature of this post: My lighted mirror.

DSC_2048   I love taking pictures in the early morning.


DSC_2055The Minnesota lakes and farmlands were beautiful today.






DSC_2075This driver had a challenge ahead of him. He was on the construction crew and had to do a u-turn.

DSC_2080This was our first time ever to be in North Dakota.

DSC_2082It is nice to drive with the sun on our back.

DSC_2089Now we’re truckin’!

…and I thought it was challenging to take pictures at 65 miles an hour.



DSC_2108These two hills in the middle of a flat and rolling hill landscape made me smile. I just imagined God putting them there like I would make a pile of sand by letting it run through my hands.


DSC_2118This probably looks disgusting to you, but it doesn’t take many hours for the windshield to look like this. Cerwin cleaned the windows before we started today, and at 9 a.m. when we stopped for breakfast. This is what the window looked like shortly after noon.

It becomes challenging to take pictures.

DSC_2120Bales and windmills.

DSC_2124A Gary Greff sculpture.

Geese in Flight went up in 2001, next to the Gladstone exit — and it is claimed to be the World’s Largest Outdoor Sculpture.

DSC_2131We saw several yellow fields in one area, but have not discovered what it is.


DSC_2135We saw a few oil wells.

DSC_2150We saw by the map that this was ahead of us, but were not prepared for its beauty.




DSC_2167Montana – the last state for the day.

DSC_2170If I remember correctly, this is called Yellowstone River.

Our stopping place for tonight is Glendive, Montana. We’re in a small truck stop with a very busy restaurant. And I have Internet in the truck. 🙂

While we were enjoying supper (Cerwin a chopped steak meal and me a BLT), a young driver pulled his chair up to our table and asked if we were with the chapel. Thus began an hour-long talk about the Lord. He had never heard of TFC, so I showed him a PowerPoint presentation that I keep on my computer. After praying with him (in a very noisy restaurant), I gave him a copy of TFC’s Highway News and Cerwin showed him inside the chapel. It was refreshing to meet someone who is committed to following Christ.

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  1. I love trucking along with you and Cerwin — what a neat trip to see the landscape from your perspective! Something I’ve always thought would be fun to do ….

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