Final Truck Rally Post

This will be a mixture of things and activities on Saturday and Sunday.

1a (2)A few old trucks.

1a (3)Ice cream was popular because it was a warm day.

1a (6)A cup cake vendor.

2 (1)Benefit auction. Our daughter-in-law Chris is the clerk and the auctioneers are Dave White and Joel Heisey. The runners: Our grandchildren Jared, Ian, and Gloria

2 (2)Our sons Jere and Jeff

3 (5)Three of Marv and Fay Sauder’s granddaughters going out on a scavenger hunt. The reward for finishing it was a free ice cream cone. The Ice Cream man turned in 41 coupons.

3 (16)Face painting was popular

3 (17)

3 (19)Big Bright Bounces obstacle course was a great challenge in racing.

3 (20)Barrel Train

3 (22)The corn bin was popular with the little ones. Vanessa Russell said they filled it with 420 pounds of corn.

3 (31)The mechanical bull was new this year, and quite fun for children and adults.

3 (32)Jason Shelly

4 (2)Children’s Auction

4 (3)Ian showing his mom what he got at the kid’s auction.

4 (8)Cissy & The Man entertained the children at 4:00 p.m.

4 (5)

5 (3)Time for clean up in the vendor room. I think he is Earl and Joyce Eby’s grandson.

5 (4)The evening program began at 6:30 with Sunnyside Bluegrass Gospel.

5 (1)Twelve Door Prizes

5 (8)Three of Gene and Rose Gehman’s granddaughters helped pull names.

5 (10)

5 (15)The Browns, from LeMars, Iowa presented a fabulous concert.

5 (17)

5 (19)We got them back for 2015!

5 (20)It was a beautiful evening for a light show.

5 (25)

5 (26)  I loved the two lights on this old truck – which belongs to Jeff and Chris.

6 (1a)This got my attention on Saturday morning.

6 (2)I found him on Sunday morning – enjoying a cup of coffee.

6 (4)There were still a few trucks on the grounds when we arrived for Sunday morning worship.

6 (5)Randy Sauder’s beautiful rig. Randy and Karen are in charge of truck registration.

6 (8)John Rissler and two of their sons arrived early and asked if there was anything they could do. Cerwin suggested removing the blue tape from Saturday’s seating pattern.

6 (9)Warren and Lydia Landis faithfully clean up trash on Sunday mornings. And this year she is recovering from a broken arm. That is dedication.

6 (11)Sunnyside blessed us with a great worship service.

6 (13)Bunny shared a ministry update.

6 (14)At the close of the program, Gene Gehman announced that he and Rose are stepping down as Rally Coordinators and Jere and Kristen High had accepted the challenge to do that job. Gene will continue to serve on the Rally Committee – probably in developing a Blessing of the Trucks.

6 (15)Prayer for Jere and Kristen.

6 (17)Lunch was catered by Dean and Carole Ziegler of Country Home Caterers.

6 (18)

6 (20)

6 (21)…and another Truck Rally is over. It was a wonderful day.

Thanks to everyone who attended – and to the Rally committee and their helpers who make the day run smoothly.

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Next Year’s dates are June 28 & 29. Music will be the Bontragers – Saturday and Sunday.

6 thoughts on “Final Truck Rally Post

  1. It all looks wonderful ~ glad to have a minute to come see you here on your new site ~ I still have to decide what to do about mine ~ :-/

  2. At first I thought that was Cerwin in the picture where it was announced that Jere and Kristen would be the new coordinators. Our youngest son, David, will be moving to Bethlehem, PA soon for the next phase of his training at Bosch. He hopes to be transferred after that to Rochester, NY. That’s where his fiancee is.

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