Friday Night Setup & Saturday Morning Arrivals

Pennsylvania Truck Rally Part 1DSC_0653

1 (1)Vendors began arriving at 7 p.m. on Friday night to be prepared for Saturday morning.

1 (2)We were blessed with a donation of beautiful flowers from Esbenshade’s Greenhouses. All sales at the Rally benefit TFC.

1 (3)The chapel at sunset on Friday night as I was leaving.

1 (4)Saturday morning began with a 6 a.m. breakfast for the committee and key volunteers.

1 (5)Then we on the road toward the fairgrounds.

1 (6)While the guys set up the benefit auction items and taped the floor (for chair setup), Jana and Lauren prepared the bidding cards.

1 (7)

Outside, Karen Sauder was working at the registration table – helping Jake Wise register the chapel and his own Marmon.

1 (8)There were already a few trucks on the grounds.

Some had come on Friday evening or early Saturday morning.

DSC_0523I was on the lot when Glenn parked his rig and noticed this on the side of his truck.

DSC_0524That is a great honor and accomplishment. Congratulations Donna and Glenn.

DSC_0560So glad I captured this picture.

DSC_0563Our friends John and Karen – from Missouri.

DSC_0583Our son Jeff’s 1946 Chevy. Gloria is enjoying the passenger seat.

DSC_0584Our grandson Nathan is driving a truck that Jeff built. If I remember correctly he put two trucks together and designed the stainless steel bed. Nate did the fabricating.

DSC_0592Randy Shelly is driving this rig.

DSC_0593Enjoy a few of the 190 trucks that entered the fairgrounds.





DSC_0667Our grandson in-law, Nathaniel.


DSC_0675Loved this!

You will see this in a later post, because I caught him enjoying his Sunday morning coffee in the campgrounds.


DSC_0693I love watching the Lanita trucks arriving from the north. Their base is Mount Aetna.




DSC_0765Oh, I like this!


If you enjoy seeing trucks, I just posted a lot more on my Facebook page

More tomorrow night.

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