Birthday Party for Nathan

We were invited to Jeff and Chris’ house on Father’s Day evening for Nathan’s 20th Birthday party.


1I have enjoyed watching Nathan grow into a godly young man.

Almost from the time he was small, I knew he would like fast, noisy cars. ūüôā

2 (1)We – his parents,¬†other grandma, and us –¬†discussed some of our fun memories of him as we enjoyed homemade ice cream and birthday cake.

His parents talked about the day and a few circumstances of his birth.

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3 (3)His gifts were mostly snacks Рalong with notes that were good for a restaurant meal.

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3 (5)We usually see Nathan a few times a week Рwhen he visits with friends in our man cave.

But often before settling in to watch a game, race,¬†or TV program, he comes to the living room –¬†where we usually are after supper –¬†and asks, “What’s up?”

We knew it was him Рof course Рeven before he came to the living room, because we heard him arriving. I love the sound of his car.


I almost captured a picture of Jeff and Chris together in this picture – on the birthday evening. She is just to the left of the picture.

4I love their committment to their family and neighbors.

5This is my most recent picture of them – when we ate out together at the end of April.

Jeff rarely misses a morning of calling us – usually to talk to his dad. I get a word in now and then.He does that while he waits for a load – he’s a trucker.

Chris is his perfect match and makes us proud to call her a daughter-in-law.

Their love, dedication, and committment to God and family bless my soul with satisfaction.


Now, after featuring our four children in the past few days, you know why my soul is full of…


Love and hospitality

Insight and wisdom


Together, all eight of them bless my soul in all of these ways at various times Рand in many other ways.

Sometimes it’s difficult to separate our children from our in-laws. I don’t even like that word. I don’t even like in-loves, because they all feel like our children.

I think it is something like families who adopt. Unless you stop and talk about it or think about it, you almost forget who is a birth child and who was adopted into the family by choice of the parents or by choice of children in marriage.

I remind you one more time that we are not a perfect family, but I love that family is important to every one of them – and when there are misunderstandings they work at setting it right.

They love and pray for each other.

I love the family that God has placed in my life.

I love family dinners and birthdays.

I delight in every moment spent with them individually or as a group.

They truly bless my soul.

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