Taking the Chapel to Manheim BIC

Sunday, June 9

DSC_0156We enjoy this annual event at Manheim Brethren in Christ Church where we get to tell the children – and a few adults – about Transport For Christ.

DSC_0168Gene Gehman (right) told the children about his love for truck driving and some of the ways he serves God as a truck driver.

DSC_0167Then Cerwin showed PowerPoint slides that explain a bit about trucking and why it is important to have chapels in truck stops.

DSC_0164The children get to meet the truck drivers and climb into the trucks before or after each session in the chapel. Their favorite thing to do is blow the air horns.

DSC_0170The last group heading back to the church.

DSC_0177Inside Gene Gehman’s truck.

DSC_0175  I loved seeing the Bible on his dash.

DSC_0197  I didn’t think to take a closeup of his truck. It is the brown-toned one (third from the right).

Gene Gehman's Truck 2013  I do have a picture of it on file – from the other month when it was on the cover of the Highway News. If I remember correctly the photo was taken in California.

DSC_0188Next I asked for permission to go inside and photograph John Huber’s truck (the red one).



DSC_0183John and his daughter.

DSC_0186Love this picture.

DSC_0193We never weary of going to churches and telling them about Transport For Christ and the need for more staff and chapels in truck stops.


DSC_0197Many times we get to pray with someone about a concern – and this was one of those days.

DSC_0201Howard and Tish Jones, this picture is for you. Dale Kachel stopped in while we were preparing to close the chapel. He said he knows you from when he lived in your area and attended Davisville Church.

DSC_0202Our next stop was Gene and Rose’s house where we enjoyed a carry-in lunch – which is prepared especially for the truckers and their families.


DSC_0205Future truckers

DSC_0209The weather was perfect for an outdoor picnic and an afternoon of visiting.







DSC_0224Trent is running to join the other boys.

DSC_0230 It was a delightful day.

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