Baby Shower for Leslie – Part 1 of 2

I had trouble choosing the photos I wanted to post because I took so many.

Saturday, June 8

1 (1)There were many beautifully wrapped gifts under the pavilion.

1 (3)Our nephew Bryan and his wife, Leslie, know they are having a boy, so it was a very blue shower.

Bryan is the son of Cerwin’s brother, Elvin.

1 (4)

1 (5)

1 (2)Leslie doing the baby belly pose.

1 (6)One of the games was to cut the yarn to a length that you think will exactly fit around Leslie.

1 (7)This was a fun game.

We had to guess what baby items were in the brown bags. There were ten of them with one item per bag.

1 (11)This one is puzzling Leslie.

1 (10)

1 (9)

1 (8)In another game we unscrambled baby words.

1 (12)When we arrived, each person was given a clothes pin.

At a certain point we were told that we could no longer say the word baby. If we did and someone caught us, we had to give them our clothes pin. The winner was the one with the most clothes pins.

1 (13)  A delicious lunch.

1 (16)

1 (15)

1 (14)

1 (17)

1 (18)She received many nice gifts.

1 (19)

1 (20)Since motorcycles are part of their lives, someone very creatively designed this cycle.

1 (21)I enjoyed when she opened the box from her mother. It included clothing that she and her brother wore when they were babies.

1 (22)Her mother

1 (23)This is the outfit that Leslie wore when her mother brought her home from the hospital.

1 (24)Cake break

1 (25)

1 (26)More tomorrow night.

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