Celebrating 50 Years

We were pleased to receive an invitation to John and Marilyn’s Anniversary Celebration.

DSC_9321Marilyn and I were childhood friends.

We don’t remember when we met. It was probably in Sunday school.

DSC_9297We were told to park at Martin Tree Service – and that transportation would be provided to Jeff (their son) and Hannah’s barn.

We loved the transportation that was provided.

DSC_9298It was no ordinary barn. It was built for gatherings like this.

DSC_9299Marilyn and John were visiting with guests when we arrived.


DSC_9315The barn was beautifully decorated.



DSC_9317I had fun looking at her scrapbook and finding a photo of myself (center).

I forgot that I was one of their gift receivers.

DSC_9307Shortly after we got there the wedding party assembled for a photo.



DSC_9308Soon everyone began calling, “Kiss! Kiss!” – and they quickly complied.

DSC_9323After enjoying a delicious catered meal (can you believe it, I forgot to take pictures of the food) and visiting with people we knew – and a few we didn’t know – we prepared to go home.

DSC_9326Each of us was encouraged to take one of these cupcakes home – a gift from John and Marilyn.

DSC_9319The same tractor and wagon took us back to our car.

DSC_9314I love that many of our friends are celebrating their golden anniversary this year – and next.

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  1. We celebrated John’s sister’s 50th wedding anniversary on the 2nd as well – in Ontario. They were married on the 1st but chose to celebrate the anniversary on the 2nd. Vernon and Viola Erb were among the guests – Vernon shared some memories of Lucille when she boarded with him and Viola. Another of John’s brothers will be celebrating 50 years this October.

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