Birthday Party for My Sister

and her granddaughter – Sunday Evening, May 26

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This was a surprise 60th Birthday Party for my sister, Nancy.


Because her granddaughter Lindsey was having her second birthday a few days earlier, Nancy’s daughters planned a cake and ice cream surprise party for Nancy – making her think it was a party for Lindsey.

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While Nancy’s family finished having supper inside the garage, the invited dessert guests gathered outside and quietly waited for the door to open to yell, “Surprise.”


Ron and Christine (couple in the center) are the other set of grandparents to Lindsey. Next to them (right) is Frank, Nancy’s father-in-law, and on the far right is Ruth Ann, Nancy’s sister-in-law.


Heidi, Lindsey’s older sister.


Jamie, Nancy’s granddaughter – Jason and Melissa’s daughter.


David is the son of one of the young women who my brother Steve and his wife, Brenda, cared for in their ministry to women.


I was trying to get a picture of this sidewalk birthday wish, but the children each wanted their picture taken first.


Marlin and Nancy’s oldest daughter, Karen (center right) talking to Brenda.


Brenda and Nancy listen as my brother Dale prays a blessing on Nancy and on the meal.


Lindsey didn’t quite understand how to blow out her candles…


…so her sister Heidi blew them out for her.


Since none of the sibling pictures are good of the four of us (minus our brother Clair who was not in the area), I will post several.

I told Steve and Dale that I can call Nancy my favorite sister, but they are in trouble if they try it.

DSC_8987 DSC_8989

Me, Steve, Nancy, and Dale.


Melissa and Jason – Marlin and Nancy’s second daughter.


The party was held at Kevin and Amy’s house – Marlin and Nancy’s third daughter. They are Heidi and Lindsey’s parents.

I’m sorry that I missed getting a picture of Marlin and Nancy’s youngest daughter, Chelsey. 


Homemade ice cream.


Lindsey may not have known how to blow out candles, but she understood opening gifts.



Grandpa Marlin helped her a bit with her new sleeping bag.


Nancy is nine-and-a-half years younger than me, so when she is sixty, I know that my next birthday is seventy!

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